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Lost Paradise DP

The situation.  

Lost Paradise is a New Years Eve music and arts festival that attracts over 10,000 patrons each year.

They were building a huge following of email subscribers but were spread over 10 different lists and needed a clean up.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots was another marketing channels they were wanting to engage and grow their audience with.

The challenge.  

Lost Paradise had acquired 120k + in emails spread over 12 lists in MailChimp and needed to consolidate and clean the list to bring down the monthly costs, producing low open rates and risk of being labelled spam.  

Knowing their demographic they wanted a fresh approach to communicate with their younger audience that wasn't just limited to email and the other social channels.

Lost Paradise at night

“Lost Paradise needed some email loving as our system all over the place and costing us huge amounts of unecessary money. Mando came in knew exactly what to do and was so helpful and so easy to work with. His knowledge in Facebook Messenger is amazing and got us some excellent results ”

- Nick Kelly, Marketing Manager

Lost Paradise Shambala Fields

The solution.

A list clean up and a Messenger Quiz Competition.  

Mando ran an analysis and segmented the 'dead emails' that were wasting space. After sending out relevant email content for a time, a large chunk of email subs were deleted.

Creating a Messenger quiz (2 free tickets) that can build engagement, grow Messenger and email subscribers, share quiz among friends and collect information.

People could enter the quiz through a comment-to-message Facebook post and we're sent to Messenger to start the quiz.

Try out the Messenger quiz live below.

The results.  

Email Clean Up We did some good work together. All 10 plus lists were collated and tagged into 2 master lists. Culled over 30k unengaged subscribers, now tagged and now sending with higher open rates.

Messenger Quiz Competition

Below are the excellent results we got from the campaign

  • New Messenger subscribers: 2790  
  • 99.8% open // 91.4% Clicked
  • Completed quiz + gave email: 2176  
  • 83.85% quiz completion rate 
  • Shared the quiz: 1658  
  • Subscribers added to MailChimp: 1355  
  • 1254 subscribers said not attended Lost Paradise before
  • Facebook post: 40,115 people reached 7,232 engagement; 2643 comments and 8 shares.
Lost Paradise Camping

See the quiz campaign in action. Click below to get started in Facebook Messenger.