Facebook Messenger Chatbots.

Build a 1-on-1 customer relationship through Messenger convos. 

Did you know that Messenger boasts 80% in Open Rates & 40%-60% and Click Through Rates?

That's mental - and it gets results.

Similar to email, chatbots use the a lot of the same email marketing foundations:

  • Send campaigns/newsletters 
  • Create automation sequences
  • Grow your list and make sales.

BUT you are creating a 1-on-1 relationship with your subscriber that doesn't get lost in the noise of your email inbox.


What's involved with getting started?


Messenger Chatbot Setup

  • Integrations
  • Menu setup
  • Automation sequences
  • Welcome message sequence
  • Default reply
  • Keyword sequence
  • Setup growth tools
  • Create Messenger Facebook Ads

🤖 + 💬 

Ongoing & Maintenence

  • Adding to the sequence
  • Sending out promotions
  • Improving clicks based on analysis
  • Add new bot features as the software adds them
  • Improving auto-response
  • Content Strategy
  • Tech support
  • Optimising Facebook Ad campaigns
  • Reporting 


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