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Go beyond the newsletter and get real ROI through data and behavioural email marketing


Sean Satha
Owner -
Local Supply

"Yeah Mando was able to give us a 10x ROI boost on our online sales through email marketing automation and strategy.

Mando gave us a break down on what was a well needed breath of fresh air with our overall email marketing strategy. He was able quickly setup a practical and intuitive automation package that met the behavioural needs of our customers. We have him on board as our email strategist."

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Case Studies


Local Supply

Stylish and quality sunglasses manufacturer thrives off email marketing automation and strategy.  


Gorilla 360

Yeah Mando helps leading digital marketing agency by delivering email marketing automation and strategy for all their clients.  



Let the power of data and behavioural email automation send the right message at the right time.
Also, get sales while you are fast asleep.

email Full service

Let's look after all your email marketing efforts for you. From start to finish we'll execute a strategy tailored to your company and your customers.

Email Strategy

We can help you build out your overall email marketing strategy and give you and your team a road map to success getting you those conversions and sales you desire.

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Most probably there is, as there is so much uncovered revenue with email marketing that a lot ecommerce stores are not taking advantage of.

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