The Situation

Local Supply are a sunglasses manufacturer that provide fantastic eyewear that are versatile quality sunnies that won’t break the bank. They had their email marketing channel active with sending out the odd newsletter and a simple 1 email Welcome automation but felt like they could do more with what they had.

The Challenge

Local Supply had a lot of dormant subscribers that were basically dead weight and adding to their monthly fee from their email service provider. They found that their overall campaign/newsletter content strategy was only based on sales that they had and was cheapening the brand over time. They wanted to grow a healthy database and take their email automation to the next level.


"Mando came in and did what he did best with no bullshit. Gave us a clear strategy and showed us how to add value rather than only having discount newsletters all the time to make a buck. His depth of knowledge with email marketing and the customer journey was really extensive and just helpful. We've applied his advice and we are reaping the rewards."

Alex Wu-Kim - Local Supply


The Solution

To address these challenges Mando implemented an email automation package and also an overall strategy.

To clean up all the dead subscribers Mando implemented a “Database Clean Up” automation to cull anyone that hadn’t responded to the automation. Also smarter pop ups that convert higher to the right people to lead into the Welcome Series automation.

Mando gave the Local Supply team ideas about what types of content for their campaigns/newsletters and mapped out a plan for the next few months that pertained to their goals.

A full automation package took their email marketing from a single simple welcome email to an automation beast that included - Welcome Series, Abandoned Cart - Not Purchased, Abandoned Cart - Purchased, Winback, New Customer and more.

Getting Mando on board really took Local Supply email marketing to the next level. He introduced the team to Klaviyo to use for their big clients.


The Results

The results were fantastic. After switching from Mailchimp to Klaviyo Local Supply saw a 28% increase online sales through email automation and an overall email marketing was increased to 40% of all online sales within the first four months of execution.

Local Supply have been so pleased with the results and are always looking for new ways to improve their email marketing. They have now taken Yeah Mando on board with as an ongoing strategy consultant with expanding to a Facebook Advertising strategy and overall ecommerce marketing.

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